Join us in our pursuit of academic excellence and physical training to become the best in defense and security for Nepal.

Our Objectives

What We Strive to Achieve at DIMA Academy

DIMA Is One and Only the Best Institution to produce Globally recognized Defense personnel (cadet) in Nepal. Locating at the heart of Kathmandu we impart academic excellence through Quality education coupled with unprecedented practical and physical training Which, we believe, are the Key factors to establish DIMA as a Brand in Administration and defense world. Besides, Our Qualitative education system is significantly contributing to recruit meritorious and competent youths in the service of nation to stop Brain drain and muscle drain. Likewise, we strive to fulfill the following Academic Objective:

  • Offer dynamic, formative and interactive teaching-learning environment.
  • Provide skills and technique based education.
  • Provide constructive feedback seasons to promote their self-assessment and confidence.
  • Offer well-qualified and high profile tutors to provide best knowledge.
  • Provide Knowledge about Spiritual, ethical, and moral values.
  • offer motivational and personality development classes to Uphold their self Confidence which is the key of every success.
  • provide Practical, vocational and theoretical knowledge Through Audio -visual mediums.
  • instill in them the insight of duties, responsibilities and professional rights of the security forces of Nepal.
  • to motivate students in a caring and conducive learning environment along with positive leadership qualities to bring out the best in them.
  • to impart creativity and innovativeness in students through motivational approach of personalized nurturing guidance.

Our Vision

Striving for National and International Recognition in Defense Education and Training.

Dima Academy aims to be a nationally and internationally reputed learning center recognized for academic excellence in teaching-learning activities in the horizon of defence /security/ Nepal Army. It is constantly striving to set the unbeatable stance in the competitive market to recruit the largest number of personnel in the glorious government body Nepal Army.

Our Core Values

At DIMA Academy, we believe in living out these values every day

Social Adaptability

  • Social Adaptability
  • Sense of Responsibility
  • Co-operation
  • Initiative

LEARNING & Organizing

  • Effective Intelligence
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Power Of Expression
  • Organizing Ability

Self Confidence

  • Ability to Influence the Group
  • Speed of making Decision
  • Determination
  • Liveliness
  • Courage
  • Stamina